"Farnell" company have working on the belarussian market for more than 20 years. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with years of experience that allows us to provide quality services in the areas of banking equipment, equipment for plastic card personalization, as well as the design, development and manufacture of control systems and diagnostics. 

Today's success is a result of cooperation with our regular partners, which are lead suppliers and manufacturers of equipment, and we hope to develop it in the future.

Individual approach to each client, guaranteed product quality, minimum delivery time, do "Farnell" attractive partner for mutually beneficial cooperation.

"Farnell" attracts as a partner for mutually beneficial co-operation its individual approach to each client, guaranteed quality products and minimal delivery times.

"Farnell" is the official distributor of

in the Republic of Belarus.

Our business partners are:

The company is currently developing several areas:

Delivery and maintenance of banking equipment and software

Our company has a long experience in banking equipment. For over 10 years we have been supplying and maintenance ATMs, POS terminals, informational kiosks and personalization devices of bank payment cards on the market of the Republic of Belarus, at the same time we provide a full range of services, which includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Preparing the site for installation
  • Pre-sale preparation of equipment
  • Delivery and installation of equipment
  • Repair of equipment
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Software updating 

One of the main activities of our company is supplying and maintenance of personalization devices of plastic cards, passports, driving license and other identification tools. We are the official distributor of the world leader in this area of Datacard Group. There are specialists with years of experience, which have been trained and received certificates in training centers of Datacard Group.

Thanks to direct supplies of the equipment, consumables and spare parts we can provide the minimum delivery time at reasonable prices, as well as provide support, repair and maintenance of any equipment produced by Datacard Group.

"Farnell" is one of the oldest organizations of the Republic of Belarus which engaged in delivery, pre-sale preparation of the equipment, preparation for commissioning, warranty, post-warranty service and support network of ATMs. We have been trying to expand the scope and improve the quality of our services during of our working years. We offer to your attention ATMs renowned manufacturers: Diebold Incorporated Company, which is known for its reliability, ease of maintenance and repair, and is in compliance with safety standards. Many years of experience allows us to quickly and efficiently provide a variety of services to support these devices:

  • initial consultations for customers to choice of model ATM, requirements for site of installation and features of the preparatory work
  • branding of new or already installed ATMs in accordance to the wishes of the client: the design and producing of additional decorative panels ATM, case painting, printing logos as paint and membrance
  • delivery, installation and preparation for commissioning, as well as the dismantling of ATMs
  • preventive measures, repair of any modules and components of the ATM as soon as possible as at the place of installation as well as in our service center (if necessary, we will provide free of charge a temporary module for the duration of repairs that can reduce downtime ATM)
  • a comprehensive maintenance and repair of ATMs in the format 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), which can be carried out on the basis of a long-term partnership contract, and in the form of one-time work
  • comprehensive recovery (advantages of the recovery are significant cost savings compared to purchasing new equipment), branding and upgrading of ATMs
  • provide ATMs for rent with option to purchase by the customer

Extensive stock of spare parts and modules, acceptable (affordable) prices for our services allow to customers become our partner for many years.

"Farnell" offers payment terminals produced by PAX Technology Limited (PRC), one of the world leaders in the field of production and sales of transaction equipment, software CAPS from "payment terminal systems" (Russia).

Available POS terminals have an attractive and ergonomic design, meet the modern versions of international standards PCI, MasterCard PayPass, Visa PayWave, EMVCo and have excellent technical characteristics.

Range of equipment includes static and mobile payment terminals, allowing read out as payment cards with magnetic stripe and chip card and contactless payment cards. Using a variety of communication modules - Dial-Up, GPRS, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, BlueTooth - significantly expands the scope of the equipment. We also provide the service of warranty and post-warranty service and repair of these terminals.

"Farnell" in conjunction with the Russian manufacturer of bank equipment offers you devices to receive payments, specialized banking terminals, the Internet - kiosks, payment and settlement terminals with the issuance of money and information terminals. All equipment is to control the output, its work is time-tested long-term operation with numerous organizations. We supply the following basic types of devices:

  • The informational terminal. This simple and economical touch kiosk developed on the basis of the payment terminal will attract attention in any environment. It is ideal for banks, shopping malls, exhibitions, theaters, airports, train stations, government offices, hotels.
  • Informational and payment terminal. Reliable payment kiosk does not have to be expensive and contain only branded accessories. That's why experts have made the specification of parsimonious model payment terminal on the basis of completing the world's producers, not inferior in quality to the market leaders. The model is based on the most popular standard enclosure.

We offer not only the sale of machines express payment (devices for receiving payments), but also a full range of their services.

"Farnell" offers you the service of branding your devices. Our experts will consult you in the selection of design, produce dismantling and transportation of your device, its pre-preparation and painting according to your design project. Painting includes a wide range of coloring materials, until the polymer coating that improves the quality appearance of the device in comparison with the film coatings. To meet your requirements and standards we select colours in developing the design projects.

Also we can produce more decorative panel (box), not only changing the appearance of your device, but also to add additional functionality. In their design will take into account all your wishes, and after installation you will be able to accommodate additional devices, uninterruptible power supply, router, switch, etc. Appearance of the panel will meet any of your requirements.

Innovative electronic design commercial and industrial uses

Another activity of the "Farnell" is the design, development and manufacture of electronic devices for the diagnosis and management of industrial equipment and vehicles. We participated in the following projects:

  • Universal power saving stand for testing transmissions helicopters Ka-226
  • System diagnostics state engine on the specimens aircraft Sukhoi Superjet-100
  • Diagnostic systems for helicopters Mil and Kamov
  • Board diagnostic system for trucks BelAZ
  • Control panel of machine producing solution for "Integral"