ATM Diebold Opteva 562

Width: 470 mm; Height: 1594 mm; Depth: 1106 mm



  • Designed to meet international accessibility guidelines
  • Compact terminal design offers the most functionality for the footprint size
  • Through-the-wall collar allows retrofits to walls up to 330 mm (13 in) thick
  • Fully RoHS compliant

Advanced function dispenser (AFD)

  • Increased capacity throughput and efficiencies via two to five multimedia cassettes
  • Divert cassette with separate retract and divert compartments
  • Proven friction-pick technology

Enhanced security

  • Features include fraud-resistive dispenser and card reader, consumer awareness mirrors, encrypting PIN pad, security camera and lock options, duress alarm and currency ink-staining system

Maximum availability

  • Ensure maximum availability with Opteva 562’s five-cassette capacity, which is supported by intelligent modules that forecast maintenance needs so you can respond proactively.

Ultimate reliability

  • Opteva® technology delivers one of the highest levels of uptime in the industry. More uptime means consistent convenience for your customers and peace of mind for you.


  • ActivEdge
  • Motorized options
  • Optional barcode reader