ATM Diebold Nixdorf CS 4090
Rear-load In-lobby teller that can be freestanding or Integrated into your teller line. The CS 4090 allows Financial Institutions (FIs) the ability to harness the unique sales and customer relationship-building benefits of the branch by covering both typical self-service in addition to bank counter functions, freeing tellers from conducting routine transactions and improving productivity.

Width: 1300 mm (51.18 inches); Height: 1291 mm (50.83 inches); Depth: 1454 mm (57.24 inches)

Processor : Celeron, i3, i5

Displays: Two 18.5” LCD color displays with touchscreen (main screen for application, secondary screen for advertising)

Product Card



  • Rear-load In-lobby Teller
  • Freestanding or Integrated in teller line

RM3 recycling module

  • 3+1 (3 recycling cassettes + 1 acceptance cassettes)
  • 4+1 (4 recycling cassettes + 1 acceptance cassettes)
  • Recycles up to 4 denominations
  • Up to 300 notes deposit/300 notes withdrawal in bundles
  • Transport speed: maximum 10 banknotes per second for deposits/dispenses

Banknote storage

  • 4-5 cassettes
  • Maximum fill level: 300 mm
  • Scalable cassette concept: 300 mm (large), 200 mm (small)
  • Fill-level indicator
  • Cash management memory


  • Encrypting PIN Pad


  • Intelligent operator authentication via CrypTA Stick
  • Anti-card trapping functionality
  • Anti-manipulation card slot

Excellent Usability for the Disabled

  • Kneehole for wheelchair users
  • Low-positioned application screen
  • Holder for walking sticks and crutch