ATM Diebold Nixdorf CS 868
Cash management accounts for an average of 48% of ATM network operating costs globally—a cost that could be reduced through adoption of automated cash-recycling technology. Whether financial institutions (FIs) risk running out of cash in areas where demand for withdrawals is high, or they risk overstocking ATMs by as much as 40%, optimizing cash recycling can mean major savings … and consumer satisfaction.

Width: 857 mm (33-7/10 inches) Height: 1549 mm (61 inches) Depth: 1360 mm (53-1/2 inches)

Product Card



  • Exterior or lobby rear-load through-the-wall cash recycler


  • Cassets 3+1 (3 recycling cassettes + 1 acceptance cassette)
  • Cassets 4+1 (4 recycling cassettes + 1 acceptance cassette)
  • Maximum fill level per cassette: 295 mm
  • Recycles up to 8 denominations
  • Deposit/withdrawal of up to 400 notes deposit/200 notes withdrawal in bundles
  • Transport speed: maximum 8 banknotes per second for deposits/dispenses


  • Consumer awareness mirrors
  • Anti-card trapping functionality
  • Anti-skimming solution
  • Unique skimmer-deterring bezel
  • ASD


  • ValiTech® secure service access
  • Encrypting PIN Pad

Cyber security

  • Symantec™ endpoint protection
  • SPEAR™ module authentication and secure communications
  • Hardened operating system


  • Barcode scanner 1D/2D
  • EMV-ready card reader, ActivEdge™, Motorized or DIP
  • Contactless card reader