System configurations
  MX1100 (G)
MX1100 (GS)
Smart Card Enabled
MX1100 (E)
MX1100 (ES)
Smart Card Enabled
MX1100 (L)
MX1100 (LS)
Smart Card Enabled
Base System
Magnetic Stripe Option   Option  Option Option  Option  Option 
Smart Card    •    
Laser Engraving         • 
Single-step Color Clr Pkg   Clr Pkg  Clr Pkg Clr Pkg  Clr Pkg  Clr Pkg 
Graphics 1 •   • Option  Option   Option Option 
Graphics 2 Option  Option Option  Option  Option Option 
Graphics 3 Option  Option Option  Option Option Option
Basic Topcoat Clr Pkg   Clr Pkg Clr Pkg  Clr Pkg  Clr Pkg  Clr Pkg 
Embossing     •   • Option  Option 
Secure Indent         Option Option 
Topping     •   •    
Label Affixing  Option Option  Option Option  Option  Option
Bar Code Scanning  Option Option  Option Option  Option  Option
DuraGard Laminate  Replaces Basic Topcoat  Replaces Basic Topcoat     Replaces Basic Topcoat  Replaces Basic Topcoat 
Vision Verification  Option  Option  Option Option  Option  Option 
Healthcare, Gift Credit,
Direct Mail,
 National ID,
Healthcare, Flat Credit,
Driver’s License, Gift
Credit, Debit, Gift
 EMV, Credit,
Debit, Gift
 National ID,
Social Security
National ID,
Driver’s License

• = Part of base system configuation

Key technologies

The MX1100 system offers multiple lines of defense to help reduce the risk of fraud and theft. Logical safeguards protect cardholder and production data, while physical security features limit access to the system controller, card stock and supplies.

Centralized controls and an intuitive interface allows operators to manage all system functions — data input, job setups, card layout design, production environment, error/remake management and audit/reconciliation management.

Write and verify up to three tracks of data simultaneously on ID-1 or mini-cards. Flexible mounting of encoding heads accommodate a wide range of encoding needs. The system provides read/lookup and read/verify functions to automate downstream personalization. It supports all ISO, AAMVA and JIS encoding formats with common coercivity requirements.

Personalize smart cards with a flexible, high-quality and secure system. The system architecture accomodates contact and contactless smart cards enabling issuers to accomodate many card types.

The MX1100 system offers customers the ability to produce metal engraved cards or plastic financial cards within the same system.

Print full-color, 300 dpi photos, graphics, logos and images directly on the card using dye diffusion thermal transfer (D2T2) technology. The system allows for near edge-to-edge printing and provides a lowcost color output in a compact footprint. The single-step color printing package includes your choice of basic topcoat or DuraGard laminate.

Thermal technology enables card issuers to print 300 dpi monochrome, custom graphics, including text, logos and bar codes. Near edge-to-edge printing and precise placement tolerances deliver excellent results on PVC cards. Flexible configurations allow customers to print different colors on a single side, or print front and back graphics in a single pass.

State-of-the-art fiber optic laser engraving technology delivers exceptional quality. It delivers variable-size photos, alphanumeric text, 1D and 2D bar codes, microengraving, black-and-white logos and other graphical elements at greater than 400 dpi gray scale resolution. The system allows engraving of both the front and backside of the card and provides standard CLI and/or optional MLI or 3D tilted image engraving for enhanced visual security.

Protect color printed images with a true edge-to-edge layer of clear or holographic topcoat. A variety of application rollers are available to meet card program needs.

Issuers who require extended card durability and security can replace basic topcoat with DuraGard laminate — a polyester patch that offers extra protection. Laminate supplies are available in clear and holographic options.

Deliver high-quality indent printing that adds tactile elements to national IDs, driver’s licenses and other ID cards to help prevent fraud or alteration. The secure indent technology provides variable personalization and supports the use of multiple fonts including a wide range of alpha numeric, special or custom characters. These indent characters can be positioned vertically or horizontally on the front, rear or both sides of the card.

Personalize cards using high-quality, ISO-compliant embossing and indent printing on front, back or both sides of cards. The unique design provides consistent character-to-character spacing, text height and alignment. Issuers can utilize multiple fonts and a wide range of characters, including Braille and security fonts.

Colored topping material increases readability of embossed characters. The system delivers consistent, high-quality topping, card after card — exceeding ISO standards.

Increase production efficiency by affixing adhesive labels to cards for security, activation or promotional programs.

For additional security, the system can read a variety of preprinted serial numbers, document control numbers and bar codes used to control and monitor secure card stocks providing an additional layer of fraud prevention.

Automate your quality process with the inline quality checking option. It verifies a wide variety of pre-printed and personalized elements on the front and/or back of cards to help reduce the chance of errors, improve data integrity and increase efficiency.