The enhanced Datacard® MXD™ card delivery system offers new full-color imaging capabilities and expanded form sizes up to 11” x 17.” Transforms card carriers into a customer relationship document with more space and capability to perform 1:1 marketing. The enhanced MXD enables flexibility for different carrier sizes while reducing the costs and complexities of large pre-printed carrier stocks for operations. Combine with the Datacard® MXi™envelope insertion system for a complete inline solution – personalized card carriers to ready-to-mail packages.

  • Add visual impact with full color, laser printing
  • Print carriers up to 11” x 17”/ A3
  • Create up to 3,000 unique mailings per hour
  • Reduce the need for preprinted card carrier stock
  • Choose inline or offline card delivery to meet your operational needs
  • Add the Datacard® MXi™envelope insertion system for a complete card to envelope solution

Support for larger form sizes 
New larger paper-sizes up to 11″ x 17″ and full-color laser printing allows for expanded co-branding messaging.

Support for on-demand inline color printing 
Fully integrated laser color printer that enables you to place white paper into the system and create full color 1:1 carriers.
Inline Efficiency
Increase operational efficiency by combining card personalization and card delivery into one automated step without slowing down production.
Single operator interface
One controller with easy to use interface is utilized for both card delivery and card personalization.
Card to form integrity
Datacard’s enhanced barcode verification process helps ensure that cards are accurately placed on the correct form.
Flexible card placement
Can place up to 4 cards virtually anywhere on the card.
Tape for Affixing Cards to Forms
Die-cut stickers contain a permanent adhesive on one side to secure tightly to any paper type and a slightly tacky adhesive on the card side. Works with multiple card types, including PVC, ABS, varnished, polycarbonate and composite.
Dual Page/Nested Functionality
This optional feature allows customers the ability to print two 8.5” x 11”/A4 sheets (simples or duplex) and nest them together expanding room for customer communications.
Multiple Fold Types Supported
C-fold, Z-fold and half-folds.
High Capacity Output Handling
Holds up to 650 folded single-sheet forms or 500 envelopes. Available in four compact configurations to help reduce system footprint and utilize valuable floor space.
Preliminary Module Specifications
Systems supported Datacard® Maxsys®, MX8100TM, MX6100™ and MX2100™ Card Issuance Systems; and Datacard® MXD™ Mailer Card Delivery System
Functionality Card delivery system that combines card affixing and forms folding utilizing a personalized carrier. System configurations are available both inline with card personalization or offline with card delivery only. System architecture accommodates multiple carrier sizes and on-demand printing in black & white or full color.
Paper size Supports 8.5 x 11 in. and A4; see Flex-form module for additional paper sizes
Folding configurations 

Six software-selectable folding configurations:
• C-fold: non-standard
• C-fold: standard
• Z-fold: address top
• Z-fold: address bottom*
• Half-fold: address back-side up
• Half-fold: address back-side bottom
*Note: Not supported with 8.5” x 14” paper sizes

Card affixing • Affixes up to four cards per carrier (top carrier if nested)
• Transparent, double-sided, pressure-sensitive tape
• Cards can be affixed, removed and easily re-affixed 
System dimensions  127.0 cm (H) x 355.6 cm (W) x 322.0 cm (D)
Weight 430.0 kg
Flex-form module  Supports non-standard form sizes: 8.5 x 14 in., 11 x 17 in., A3
• Dimensions: 111.8 cm (H) x 68.9 cm (W) x 84.1 cm (L)
• 160 kg
• 3.4 Amps (operating) 
Dual page nesting Allows two forms to be nested together prior to folding (A4 and 8.5 x 11 in. only) 
High speed folder Second folder required for speeds greater than 2,000 forms per hour
Black & white printers

 Ricoh Pro 907
• Up to 90 ppm
• 91.2 cm (H) x 86.9 cm (W) x 83.6 cm (D)
• 320 kg
• 7.3 Amps (peak)
• 600 dpi

HP® M806
• Up to 55 ppm
• 139.0 cm (H) x 71.5 cm (W) x 106.5 cm (L)
• 108.4 kg
• 5.5 Amps (peak)
• 600 dpi

Color printers

Ricoh Pro C901 laser printer
• 90 ppm Full-color & Monochrome
• 1280 cm (H) x 990 cm (W) x 1640 cm (D)
• 630 Kg
• 600 dpi
• 30 Amps (peak), requires 30 Amp breaker
• Optional large capacity carrier tray available

Ricoh Pro C751 laser printer
• 75 ppm Full-color & Monochrome
• 121.8 cm (H) x 132.0 cm (W) x 91.0 cm (D)
• 580.0 kg
• 600 dpi
• 16 Amps
• Optional large capacity carrier tray available

MXD form stacker Holds up to 250 folded single-sheet forms
Dimensions: 17.8 cm (W) x 137.16 cm (L)
Weight: 40.37 kg
Standard when no Datacard® MXi™ Envelope Insertion System is being utilized
Form/envelope High-capacity stacker Holds up to 650 folded single-sheet forms
Turn section dimensions: 25.4 cm (W) x 114.3 cm (L)
Elbow dimensions: 25.4 cm (W) x 144.8 cm (L)
Total weight: 68.0 kg
(Requires a separate 220 volt 15 amp power connection)
Paper smoothness  100-200 Sheffields 
Paper weight  24-28 lb. bond 
Templates  Microsoft® Word
Printer-ready data PCL (black & white), PostScript (color), PDF (color*)
Electrical specifications Power consumption of full system excluding printer is 9.66 Amps
Heat dissipation: 7,257 BTUs 
Environmental requirements Storage temperature: 50? to 130? F (10? to 54? C)
Storage humidity: 0% to 100% (non-condensing)
Operation temperature: 65? to 80? F (18? to 27? C)
Operation humidity: 0% to 100% (non-condensing) requirements
Agency Approvals UL, cUL, CE and RoHS Compliant